Found Footage Festival Super Long Play Club

Join the Found Footage Festival's Super Long Play Club to watch full-length and long-format VHS videos and films from Found Footage Festival's world-renowned collection. These aren't edited one-minute clips. These are the full-length, unedited videos—films, too—from our collection, many of which you just couldn't possibly see anywhere else—not even on the regular FFF website—like the incomparable "Bunion Sergery."

Every month, we add more of our absolute favorite, long-format VHS videos—found in thrift stores, dumpsters and garage sales, and selected from our physical archives—to shock, amuse, and confuse. Also included in your Super Long Play Club membership are episodes of our weekly live show, VCR Party Live!, as well as short- and full-length videos and films that we can't wait for you to watch with us.

So sit back. Relax. No need to adjust the tracking on your VCR. Welcome to the Super Long Play Club!